The Nation's leading wholesale resource for insurance agents
 that specialize in transportation. We can assist with placing your Freight Broker and Freight Forwarder Insurance needs
as well as Authority Processing, Freight Broker Bonds,  and
BOC-3 Process Agent Filings & more All in one place.

*Quick Online quote  indication for most products
*Ability to quote specialized risks rapidly 
*Variety of markets that specialize in    
   transportation and logistics products. 
*Aggressive pricing to help you write the policy
*Cutting Edge Application technology

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New Market Alert!

We can now provide Contingent Cargo coverage with a Loss Payee endorsement! Talk to your underwriter for more details.

New Bond Program Announcement!

We have secured an exclusive program with one of our providers
 for the new $75,000 Freight Broker BMC-84 Bond requirement.
 The program has some awesome highlights that no other
 Surety program will be able to offer.

 Below are a few of the highlights:

No collateral at all for all credit types
New Businesses are welcome
No business financials required
No personal financial statements required
No net worth requirements
No spousal Indemnity
No industry experience required
Can do credit score in low 500s
We can write for Non US Citizens

                              New Agents!  


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  • We have the following products available:
  • *Contingent Auto (Limits up to 5M)
    Available Endorsements:
  • Additional Insured; Waiver of Subrogration
    • *Contingent Cargo (Limits up to 1M)
      Available Endorsements:
    •  Loss Payee(depending on program)
    • *General Liability
    • Available Endorsements;
    • Additional Insured;Waiver of Subrogration,
    • Per Location in Aggregate;Primary/Non-Contributory;(depending on program)
    • *Motor Truck Cargo -Small and Large Fleet
    • *Physical Damage: Large Fleet Only